October 22, 2005


A friend just pointed me to a feature I hadn’t seen on Amazon:  concordances.  They’re pulling the most frequently used 100 words, and displaying them like a tag cloud.  Here are the top 100 for I Am Charlotte Simmons, the new Tom Wolfe book that I’ve yet to throw across the room.

adam  again  am  another  anything  arms  away  bed  beverly  big  black  boys  came  charlotte  coach  come  daddy  door  down  dupont  enough  even  ever  everybody  eyes  face  fact  felt  first  front  fuck  fucking  gave  get  girl  go  going  good  got  great  guy  hand  head  herself  himself  hoyt  jojo  knew  know  let  lie  little  long  look  looked  looking  man  mean  moment  momma  mr  night  nothing  now  oh  people  put  really  right  room  say  saying  see  seemed  shit  side  simmons  smile  something  still  students  take  tell  thing  think  thought  three  time  tip  took  toward  turned  two  vance  voice  want  wanted  went  white  word

NB:  Both “fuck” and “fucking” made it into the top 100.  Nothing against those words, mind you, it’s just a pointer that Wolfe may be trying a bit too hard. As usual.