Nov 02, 2005

on the list

Unordered lists are lame.  So let's try an ordered list this time!

  1. Anil's post on getting married.  I'm not really a Dr. Phil kinda guy, but this was one of the best things I've ever read on the nature of marriage.  And the guy's only been married about four days.  Damned overachiever.
  2. Ben's blog.  The guy can write, too?  Damned overachiever.
  3. Frou Frou.  Guilty pleasure right now -- bleeps and bloops and melodies from a pretty voice.
  4. The fact that I still haven't thrown Charlotte Simmons across the room. Even though in the space of about 20 pages Charlotte went from being a hillbilly prude to getting felt up by the senior boy from the frat house.  Huh?
  5. The Pan Pacific Wontons at Kirin Restaurant on Solano Avenue in Berkeley.  Thank God they're right around the corner from my house.
  6. Sea Salt, a new-ish restaurant on San Pablo in Berkeley.  The first restaurant in a while where we walked out and immediate said "we need to go back to try more stuff on the menu."  The fact that we sat at the kitchen counter and watched dishes being plated probably contributed to that.

Next time, its back to bullets.  This ordered list thing implies more meaning than intended.