April 14, 2006

life without magazines

I’m sure absolutely no one will care about this, but I just need to get it out:  I let my New Yorker subscription lapse a few months ago, and my life has been a living hell ever since.  No Gopnik, no Hersh, no Denby, no Schjeldal (someday I’ll learn how to pronounce that), no Ross, etc., etc. except for the little bits I’ve remembered to suck up online.  (Is anyone out there meta-blogging their site just to produce a usable Atom feed?  Jason, you don’t count.)

There has been one silver lining to this dark, dark cloud – my media diet for the past couple of months has actually included things that are an awful lot like magazines, but thicker.  With fewer pictures.  And no advertisements.  But I’m feeling my attention span start to lengthen beyond a single permalink, which is just killing me at work.

Does anyone know if Amazon Prime gets you a discount on magazine shipping?  Need to return to The New Yorker…and maybe pick up a People sub at the same time.