Aug 14, 2006

kids these days

Back in the olden days I worked at this great little software company, and we had our offices in this great little building South of Market.  Now, this was back before Web 1.0, back before Wired came to the neighborhood, back before Cafe Centro and the ball park and the mixed use condo / office building that stands where the motor home park used to.  Anyway, this building we were in had no air conditioning to speak of, had very few windows, and when someone rolled their chair over the coax network cable someone in development would eventually shout "Hey!" but only eventually because there wasn't much networking to do back then. 

Where was I?  Oh, yeah -- no air conditioning.  When it got really hot in the summer one of us would hit up the CEO for a $20, head down to the bodega on 3rd and Bryant and buy them out of popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and anything else that was frozen.  We'd hurry the delicious treats back to the office and hand them out before they melted all over our XTs.

Kids these days not only get air conditioning and networking that actually works, they also get natural, locally-sourced, trans-fat free custom made IT'S ITs wrapped in the corporate logo.