Aug 09, 2006

quilts from gee's bend

Geesbendmama_1 Everyone I've talked to that's seen The Quilts of Gee's Bend exhibition at the (new) de Young has been blown away.  But not everyone knows that the de Young isn't the only place for hot quilting action in the Bay Area this summer.

First, the Haines Gallery has an exhibit of Gee's Bend Quilts up through August 26; Haines is on the tpo floor of the 49 Geary art mall building near Union Square

And two of the artists from Gee's Bend -- Lousiana Bendolph and Mary Lee Bendolph have made prints with Berkeley's Paulson Press.  Paulson's closed for the month of August, but both the de Young and Haines exhibits are showing prints from their project.  (Self-important blogger disclaimer -- the Paulson folks are friends, and my wife used to work closely with them.)

As the kids are saying on Vox, [this is good].