Aug 04, 2006

the eames film festival

You've bought the see the movies!  Design Within Reach is putting on an Eames Film Festival in their stores around the country.  Brilliant marketing move; further associate the DWR brand with Eames, and drive a slew of design geeks into the stores.  I'm sure the one in SF will be packed, especially since there will be a presentation from one of the grandchildren.

I've only seen Powers of Ten (and have watched The Simpsons homage probably two dozen times on YouTube with my daughter); would love to see the others.  Turns out you can buy a box set of the Eames films for about $70.  The experience of which would definitely be enhanced in the comfort of the lounge chair and ottoman set.

(NB -- All my favorite design-y type blogs have posted about this today; I wonder how many learned about it from DWR's nicely done (if just a bit too frequently delivered) email newsletter?)