Jan 15, 2007

itunes stalking

I originally posted the following to my Vox blog, with the intent of cleaning it up and posting here as a “proper blog post.” Alas, after all these years of doing this, I’ve yet to learn that the only “proper blog post” is a “timely blog post.”

Stupid hack idea:  a local script that pulls currently playing from one of your friends last.fm profiles and updates your IM status with what they’re listening to.  Have it update in real time for that creepy simulcast effect (“OMIGOD, we’re listening to the same stuff”), or have it pull from the friends’ playlist archive at random to leech off their coolness (“yeah, I’m into too") or fake a shared interest for other purposes ("I can't believe we're both into ; we should get together some time").

And then today, on Buzzfeed, this:

Meeting your soulmate through the playlists on your network in iTunes. In the age of MySpace, Nerve.com, and scary Craigslist ads…this is actually kind of a cute way to meet people.

Look, ma, I’m prescient!