Feb 12, 2007

wanted: auto-twitter

Really, I'm just Too Damned Busy to update Twitter in real time with status updates about my life.  My "followers" are thankful for this, because if I were to update them with the truth, boredom-induced tears would fall from their face, land on their cellphones and short out the circuitry.  So to save my friends and their cellphones from death by boredom, I hereby beseech the LazyWeb to create the auto-Twitter generator to periodically post messages on my behalf about my "alternate" life.

  • "On my way to that conference in Rome; thank god for upgrade certificates, otherwise would have been stuck in business class."
  • "Lunch with Don downtown talking about the new book."
  • "Leisurely enjoying some well-brewed Blue Bottle coffee while crushing the Sunday crossword puzzle."
  • "Wii!"
  • Etc.

Extra points for integrating user-submitted Twitters along with a Digg-style voting system.  Let the community build my alernate life!

(Of course, blogging about my lack of Twitter updates qualifies me for some kind of ridiculousness prize, so I'll shut up now and point you to my latest entry.  Because what else is all this multi-billion dollar infrastructure good for if not going oh-so-meta on the latest celebrity scandal?)