February 16, 2007


So Cringely’s vision of a million networked Apple TVs acting as a torrent-like P2P distribution network for digital content is very interesting…especially the part about taking the bandwidth cost out of the bottom line and the potential lift in AAPLs market cap. But it’s Yet Another Chicken And Egg, since they would still have to get a million of those things out into the market before lighting up the network.

The Apple TV product offering as I understand it today is still too complex for mass market adoption (Requires a host PC or Mac? Bleh), so the near term interesting question is not “What’s v2 of Apple TV,” but instead, “What’s v1.1?” What capabilities will they ship to propel them to a million installed, connected and configured boxes?  (For reference, according to their latest numbers, TiVo’s currently at 1.2 million TiVo-Owned subscribers.)