Mar 08, 2007

at sxsw

For the first time ever I'll be attending SXSW.  (If you have vague memories of drinking margaritas with me in Texas at some point during Bubble 1.0, you're probably remembering Miller Freeman's Web Austin show in October 1999, back when Andrew Beebe was still doing Internet stuff (covering Google with solar panels doesn't really count), Eric Lunt wasn't burning feeds, Molly Steenson was "on fire" about Scient, and I was working for competitor Viant.  Ahhh...good times.)

At any rate, I'll be there Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon.  I'm on two panels on Tuesday.  At 11:30 am it'll be After Bust 2.0: Ten Years Later Where Will We Be with host Lane Becker; and at 2:00 pm it will be There's No Such Thing as the Mobile Web (or is there) with host Bob Morgan from Shozu. Should be fun.  Thankfully, I'm not as stressed about what to pack as fellow Bust 2.0 panelist David Hornik was about packing for TED.

At any rate, if you'll be there and want to catch up, drop me a line.