Mar 01, 2007

dick's a wizard!

Dick Costolo, CEO of FeedBurner, has launched my new favorite blog, “Ask the Wizard.” I’ve known Dick for years, but when we get together we don’t get into Deep Conversations about startup life and competitive strategy; instead we talk shop in the “let’s gossip and tell jokes and wonder just how this person manages to attend so many conferences” kind of way.

So I’m thankful he’s blogging his CEO / startup experiences, because now I’m learning about a whole other side of Dick.  As in “Holy cow, he really is that smart; I could have sworn he was just faking it.” Unless, of course, he’s hired a ghost writer and this is just draft work on his way to some unannounced book deal.

Recommended post:  read all about Quantum Hidden Barriers to Entry. Not only his analysis spot on, but he uses the word “quantum,” which makes it that much cooler.