May 24, 2007

i like links

Not everything gets shared on delicious, and while I love reading my friends’ automated daily link posts, when I turn them on here I always feel like they’re a little bit spammy, not quite filtered enough.  Nevertheless, I like links.  And you like links.  So here are some links.

  • You’re reading Tim Goodman, right?  The guy’s on fire.  Two great wrapups this week – of The Sopranos and Lost.  (Oh, and SBJ had a great nugget on Lost as well.)  It seems all I’m talking about over on Vox is television, but here’s something that’s bugging me.  If you’re a fan, and you’re not watching the night of the episode, then don’t bitch about spoilers.  All over the office today “Shut up! Don’t talk about Lost! I haven’t watched it yet!”  Come on, people – if you’re a fan, you watch.
  • Fred Wilson on Wesabe:  it’s about social and tagging.  I used to be a huge Quicken user (I even categorized the cash I spent – to the dollar granularity), but am no longer.  I keep meaning to try Wesabe, but I’m more than a little bit afraid of what I’ll learn.
  • The Hatch Design Blog featured a great pic of the Ring House outside Tokyo.  It took my breath away.
  • ReCAPTCHA looks cool…
  • Kara Swisher on Facebook is worth a read…and she outs the plans for a Facebook TV show.  The Kara v. Arrington spat is also great sport, but not worth the href.
  • And speaking of warring factions I really wanted to watch the Civil War condensed down to four minutes, but the video seems to have been disappeared from YouTube.

If you didn’t catch that, I just compared a silly spat between two journalists covering Web 2.0 to the most tragic war in our nation’s history.  Now that’s blogging.