Jan 22, 2008

short messages not sent

From the "short messages not sent" department.

  • Putting a new watch on your wrist changes how you perceive time.
  • I spend way too many cycles messing with sync, even though I think I have a decent system figured out to work around the awkward combination of Microsoft Exchange, Apple iCal, an iPhone, Mail.app and Entourage.
  • When I'm not online I can string more than a few hundred words together at once, and have them make sense. This is good.
  • That said, midtown hotel lobby + powerstrips + wifi = WIN.
  • When you have to pay to use something to its full advantage, it's not really free.
  • Season two of The Wire gets really interesting around episode 8. Looking forward to the next four.
  • I'm still waiting for a delivery date on the Kindle I ordered. I'm tempted to cancel.

OK, that second one up there wasn't so short.