August 20, 2009

who liked this?

Dear Lazyweb,

Please give me a way – a multi-tiered web application with a full JSON rest-based API, a little bookmarklet, a desktop widget, an iPhone app, a small little whatchmacallit, whatever, it doesn’t matter – to pull a list of the people who have “Liked” a particular article in Google Reader. It will be much easier to build a canonical list of idiots really smart people that way.

Thanks in advance!

Your pal,

PS – You’re still out there, right? You haven’t moved to Facebook or something have you? Do I need to start writing letters to “Dear LazyFacebook”? Or “Dear LazyTwitter?” Because that would be a drag.

PPS – Yep, I actually signed it “Your pal.” Admit it, you miss him too.