Oct 21, 2009

sometimes i love fakesteve

Fake Steve tees off on John Dvorak...

I know you're on Leo Laporte's podcast, and you have some kind of Internet TV show, and you go on there and reminisce about the time at Comdex when Ken Olsen and Rod Canion got prank-called by Philippe Kahn, and Jim Manzi had to step in and stop the fight, and when he ducked Mitch Kapor got socked in the nose! Or that time Jim Seymour had a tray of appetizers delivered to his hot tub at the Alexis Park, and Bob Metcalfe was like, Dude, you need to cut back on the snacks! Hoo boy!

It's useful having Lyons playing the role of Fake Steve, if only for the ability to pull out Jim Manzi references.