December 13, 2009

rhbaby on the clash of the titans trailer

I have no idea what Clash of the Titans is even about, but thanks to rhbaby’s description of the just-pulled but just-before-that-leaked second trailer for the movie, now I have to see it.

The trailer got pulled, so below is an artist representation. First Zeus was all “Mortals suck!” and he would have thrown down some of the lightning - WHOOSHCRASH! - except he didn’t. Then we saw a glimpse of Pegasus and that rocked, and there was some dude with a sword and he was all “Mortals don’t suck!” and he ran some places, jumped around and then was all “WTF!? GIANT GODDAMN FUCKING SCORPIONS!!1!”

I won’t ruin the artist representation; click through for yourself.