Jan 11, 2010

tyler green's interview with jeffrey deitch

More on MOCA's new director: Tyler Green scores the first in-depth interview with Jeffrey Deitch; available at Modern Art Notes in three parts.* It's worth reading in full to understand how Deitch sees the transition from private dealer to public institution...

I don't feel that I am going into a completely different world, but a lot of the same people, same principles. ... It's obviously quite different going from the private sector that is commercial-sector, to the public sector supported by contributions and some revenue streams that have nothing to do with the commerce of art. But I feel that what I've been doing at Deitch Projects is in a way running my own private institute of contemporary art. I've just been using the market system to support it rather than contributions to support it. I've run a program that has non-commercial historical exhibits, historical exhibits with little or nothing for sale. [I've also done] projects that engage a large, young community like Michel Gondry's mini-film studio, which cost a fortune to produce but with no chance to get any commercial revenue.

* Score one for the bloggers; Green's interview scoops not only all the major art pubs, but also the Los Angeles (and, for that matter, the New York) Times.