Sep 17, 2010

more than 140 on #newtwitter, content embeds and markup

It's Friday! Which means it's time to piggyback on Anil's blog. He's got a short and sweet little post up about #newtwitter, OEmbed and transclusion. You should go read it.

Or you can get the summary from his JavaScript content embed below. (Why copy and paste a line of JS that renders content that Anil controls instead of copying and pasting a relevant graf? Because I can...and because I'm lazy...and because I'm making a point.)

Got that? For kicks, let's embed a related tweet I sent yesterday, using the Blackbird Pie tool that Robin Sloan cooked up.

thought: #newtwitter could leverage all the FB markup that publishers have added to their pages (for sharing) to show content previews.less than a minute ago via web

In more than 140 characters: they might not even need to use OEmbed. A lot of publishers are already stuffing their pages with enough markup to make sharing through Facebook easy -- here's the title, here's the excerpt, here's an image you should use, here's the URL you'll want to point us to. If Twitter's interested in doing more with arbitrary URLs (shortened through for safety) then they don't really need to throw their weight beind a not-so-widely-adopted standard, instead, they could just piggyback on the natural desire of publishers to get their content spread through networks, social and otherwise.