Oct 24, 2010

bengie and buster

Former Giants now Rangers catcher Bengie Molina continues to be the best blogger in the major leagues. His post last night after the Giants won the National League pennant is a keeper.

I know one of the story lines of this Series will be me and Buster Posey, the rookie who replaced me on the Giants. People seem to have a hard time believing that Buster and I have nothing but affection for each other. He's a talented, smart and humble kid. I appreciate how he conducts himself and the credit he gives me for teaching him a few things. He texts me all the time, including after we won the pennant Friday night. And I texted him and other Giants players tonight, congratulating them. I'm so happy for all of them. I know how hard they worked.

On Twitter today KNBR's Brian Murphy replied to a fan's question "Will the fans boo or cheer Bengie Molina?" with this...

Standing O! Bengie was a heart and soul #SFGiant. Show America how we roll.

After watching Green Bay boo Brett Favre off the field tonight I damn well hope SF treats Bengie with love and respect. And then kicks his team's ass.