Nov 10, 2010

hands in pockets

Dana Ward at SFMOMA's blog on Cory Arcangel's All the Parts from Simon and Garfunkel's 1984 Central Park Performance Where Garfunkel Sings with His Hands in His Pockets:

I flashed back to something I’d learned on Wikipedia about how he’d been pretty shy growing up, & I thought live performance probably remained for him a disconcerting scene. His idea was then perhaps to take his body out of the equation, foreground that sugary tenor & pretend it came from nowhere, an Orphic transmission whose beyond was invisible simply by being…inconspicuous? On the other hand maybe this was all pure sublimation. Really, he’d rather be strangling Paul for being such an asshole all these years, so he kept his hands there to resist the temptation.

My vote? Pure sublimation.