November 09, 2010

om has it right

Lately, it has become commonplace in the Valley to shift focus away from founders and put it on the investors. Some might argue that in case of RockMelt, it was the investor connection that made the story worthy of attention. (I would disagree with them.) To me those are the wrong reasons to pay attention to a company and its technology.


I'm enjoying reading Om Malik's posts lately; he's become the voice of reason in tech blogs. Two thumbs up for this latest post, where he argues for a shift in attention back to the entrepreneur and away from the investors. Marc Andreessen is a nice story hook for RockMelt, of course, but the mgmt team, the product they create and the business they build around it are what's going to make RockMelt interesting over time...

(Re. RockMelt itself, I'm not sold yet. It's a gutsy move to have Facebook identity baked in at such a fundamental level. It could be that I'm just getting old, but having all the Twitter and FB friends and feeds right there everywhere I go feels really distracting. Maybe it'll end up being a mood / mode thing?)