Phoebe Bridgers, I Know the End at Glastonbury. Chills.

Ana Marie Cox in the Times. “The party needs to scare voters and show that they, too, are scared: scared of the voters themselves. Democratic politicians watched Republicans roll back abortion rights for decades — and when Roe fell, they had no plan. Now, they need to demonstrate that they are willing to put themselves at the mercy of those they failed — making specific promises and letting the voters know that if they fail again, it will be more than a fund-raising opportunity. It will be a reckoning.”

Wisconsin no longer allows ballot drop boxes. “Bradley wrote that absentee ballots must be delivered in person at a clerk’s office and cannot be returned by someone else. The ruling did not address whether someone must physically put their own absentee ballot in the mailbox if voting by mail.” JFC.

Simon Willison: Using GPT-3 to explain how code works. “GPT-3 doesn’t actually know anything about anything at all. It’s a huge pattern generator. You can’t trust anything it says, because all it does is group words together into convincing looking shapes based on text that it’s seen before. Once again, I’m reminded that tools like GPT-3 should be classified in the “bicycles for the mind” category. You still have to know how to peddle!”

Karl Bode at Techdirt on Ben Smith’s interview of Tucker Carlson. “Platforming, debunking, or even debating fascist propagandists is a lose-lose scenario. You can’t defeat it with ‘gotcha’ questions, because fascists have zero compulsion about lying, and no incentive to meet you in honest dialogue. Their goal is simple: to platform fascist ideology, to expose that ideology to as broad as audience as possible, and to frame fascism itself as a valid policy that’s up for debate.”