The Bear Episode 7 Became A One-Shot Episode Shortly Before Filming. This was probably the single best episode of television I’ve seen since The Wire. Lead actor Jeremy Allen White, on shooting this as a single shot: “I think in our case, it really lends itself to the story and where the characters are at because the tension is building so quickly we don’t give the audience a break from it. There’s no reprieve — it’s consistent.”

Matt Webb: I imagine cave paintings as ancient virtual reality. “The image of shamans twisted at the rocky cave-wall interface, travelling in the realm beyond the membrane, reminds me of nothing so much as, well, me, hunched over my smartphone, unnaturally contorted to jab with my thumbs, an overwhelming feeling of being elsewhere, the screen a veil and on the other side a world that I can visit but can never stay in, my eyes blind to the physical room and others here.”

The Uber whistleblower. This little snippet of a text message sent by Travis about then VP Joe Biden is just pure gold. “At the intercontinental waiting for Biden…who is late. I’ve had my people let him know that every minute late he is, is one less minute he will have with me.”