Julie Powell, of Julie and Julia fame, dies of a heart attack at 49. I read and loved her blog at Salon in the olden days; the movie was delightful (esp. the cameo from Amanda Hesser). “Blogging made it possible for Ms. Powell to reach readers on a relatively new platform and in a new kind of direct language.”

Halide’s Sebastiaan de With on the iPhone 14 Pro camera. Of a piece with Julie Powell, I love obsessively in-depth reviews like this, even if I care about or understand maybe 10% of it. “Above all, I found a soul in the images from this new, 48-megapixel RAW mode that just made me elated. This is huge — and that’s not just the file size I am talking about. This camera can make beautiful photos, period, full stop. Photos that aren’t good for an iPhone. Photos that are great.”

Nicheless.blog. “Nicheless is a micro-blogging platform for raw, unfiltered thoughts. It’s like long form Twitter, minus the status games.” I don’t know if this will be “the thing” but I like that it’s “a thing” and that there are more and more of these small purpose-fit social things out there, pushing things either backwards or forwards in time.

Simon Owens: Twitter has never understood the Creator Economy. A friend texted me earlier this week and asked if we had ever thought about sharing ad revenue with creators when I was there. Owens’ piece isn’t a bad explanation…even though sentences like “they’d just need to set aside a fixed percentage of their monthly revenue and then distribute it based on the level of engagement generated by their users” make my blood boil. Pro tip: never use the word “just” when writing about things like this.