The Adobe and Pantone Color Apocalypse: Frequently Asked Questions. Excellent FAQ about how colors can’t be copyrighted, but Pantone’s swatch book can, what happened in Adobe products, and, of course, an answer to this F’d A’d Q: “What if I wanted to make my own Pantone swatch libraries and distribute them? With blackjack and hookers?” (Answer: “You’d be playing with fire, that’s for sure.”)

Matt Haughey uses Google Collab and Stable Diffusion to generate a bunch of wild profile pics of himself. I like the feather head one.

ArtNet on the opening sequence for Season 2 of HBO’s The White Lotus. I liked the 90 second intro more than the rest of the episode? But I’ll keep watching, obviously. Meanwhile, The Vow Season 2 is just as boring as Season 1…but I’ll keep watching, obviously.

Choire Sicha: “It’s an exciting moment for text delivery methods that are not tweets. Perhaps I will make all my mistakes in this ‘email’ venue going forward? The Twitter situation is evolving quickly.”

WaPo: Why daylight saving time is worse for your body than standard time. Really lovely animation that illustrates what would happen if we went to daylight savings time permanently. “Living chronically out of sync with our internal clock puts us at an increased risk for sleep loss, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, mood disorders and even certain types of cancer.”